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Welcome to the online media kit for ICE Medical Cards, and the I.C.E. family of products. Please find links to the resources you need via the menu above.

Note that we have provided several interview resources for your convenience.

gp4-1Our media representative is our owner, and President of the company, Tom Force. He has represented the I.C.E. brand on:
– Large market broadcast television
– National radio, and in print media.
– He recently appeared on a 21 minute pilot episode of a TV show titled “Gameplan” – which included Kevin Harrington (“Shark Tank” and “As Seen on TV”) and HSN host Vonabell Sherman.

A compilation of recent media work under the “Media Clips” menu tab.

Tom is available for your short deadline interview needs. Contact him via the “Media Inquiries” menu tab. We have a full interview kit including suggested questions under the Interview Resources menu tab.

Background Information and Mission:
Inspired by real-world events in his own life, Tom Force founded I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Keytags in 2011 to provide an inexpensive, yet powerful device to allow the hard working first responders at a scene of a serious accident quick access to the telephone number of the next-of-kin. This was a solution to a problem stated by a police spokesman in USA Today:  “It can take hours, even up to a day, to find someone (NOK)”.

The company has developed a global reach, with customers protected from the USA to Australia. In 2014, we rolled out the highly acclaimed ICE Medical Card.  This system protects lives by providing our members with an online portal where they personally can store their critical emergency information. They carry a credit card sized membership card and special keytag – both of which tell first responders and ER doctors how to quickly access this important – potentially life saving, information.

You can read about our journey by going to the “Our Story” menu tab.

We are on a mission to protect 100,000 lives with the card by the end of 2014. It is a lofty, but very worthwhile and meaningful goal.

What Interviewers Have Said: (you can hear them in their own words in our media library)


” …there’s amazing benefits from this product.”
~ Kevin Harrington, ABC-TV’s “Shark Tank”, President of “As Seen on TV”





 ” …I really like this…it’s so much more than an ID bracelet”
~ Vonabell Sherman, Host on HSN (Home Shopping Network).




” …it’s so smart. There’s no reason why we all shouldn’t have one of these.”
~ Amy Vanderoef, ABC-TV (Dallas) – “Good Morning Texas!”





” …a great invention…it touches Americans in so many ways they never even knew. If I’m in an accident, how is someone gonna know my blood type? How are they gonna know my medical history? It’s a great idea!”
~ John Cremeans, Host – “My Cool Inventions”, nationally syndicated radio.


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